Lawyer Snapshot:
F. Susannah Collins
(Daily Record)

Age: Old enough to know better than to answer. Do you seriously think you should ask the women this?

Family: Husband, Jeff; daughters Gentry, Finley and Effie; and son Harris. Children ages 8 – 18.

Pets: Dogs: Sammy, Jake, Jude and CoCo Chanel. Cats: George Dubya Bush, Georgia, Duke and Roscoe P. Coletrain. Australian Bearded Dragons: Mushu and Angelina Ballerina. One male Beta fish named Hercules.

Education: B.A. History, B.A. English, both from Converse College in South Carolina. J.D., Florida Coastal School of Law.

Admitted to the Bar: October 2002

Employed by: The Law Office of F. Susannah Collins (best boss I ever had)

Field of Practice: Family law, estate law.

Professional Organizations: American Bar Association…

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